Allow for new user of FC san switch to use passwordless access

on SAN switch run:

sshutil allowuser moguy
sshutil importpubkey

if your san switch cannot importpubkey, in other words access back to your windows admin workstation over wcp for pub key file due to the lack of firewall access, then download openssh package and install it on windows pc in the storage array environment/subnet, copy to c:\users\moguy\.ssh\ folder of this jump server/adminpc and using sshutil importpubkey download/import/install pub key from this openssh server (not from originally generated admin workstation). For example if you installed openssh on windows with, then:

san_switch_00:moguy@itforce.local> sshutil importpubkey
Enter user name for whom key is imported:moguy
Enter IP address:
Enter remote directory:.ssh
Enter public key name(must have .pub suffix)
Enter login name:moguy
moguy@'s password:
public key is imported successfully.