How i configured Wifi mesh with 4 Google Wifi devices

At first sight there is no problem at all to configure mesh with Google Wifi devices – just follow instructions.

But keep in mind several pitfalls:

  1. The devices are officially supported only in USA, Europe and …, but not in Mongolia for example. If you use Android mobile device you find Google Wifi Application without any problem. But for iphone if your country settings in AppStore is Mongolia – no Google Wifi application 🙁 (Google tech support confirmed it). To change AppStore country without entering bank card details – don’t use USA, but for example Canada – then there
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How for free start to monitor what your users print on company printers

Small and free Paper Cut program is very easy to install and start to use to collect information about who, when, from what workstation and how many pages printed. Program works as a service and it seems that program intercepts from spooler service all information for own reports or maybe just parses event log? Surely if you have scripting skills you will get almost the same information for free from EventLog after parsing by script – but this program is easier to setup and configure.

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Video how to use Monuni v1.0 on one computer for multiple Windows users

It’s highly recommended to avoid assigning to ordinary user excessive rights. A such limitation considerably reduce that workstation maintenance time and efforts, creating more stable and predictable work environment.
But on other hand it’s very common that many sysadmins provide LocalAdmin rights justifying themselves that legacy programs stop working without elevated rights. It’s one of the main reasons when Active Directory implementation projects misstep.

In fact there are several resolutions for a such situations. One example is demonstrated below:

Monuni v1.0 program.

Purpose: to convert old style win1251 encoding text (created by Monkey, Monwin and others) to Unicode text directly … Read the rest