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How i configured Wifi mesh with 4 Google Wifi devices

At first sight there is no problem at all to configure mesh with Google Wifi devices – just follow instructions.

But keep in mind several pitfalls:

  1. The devices are officially supported only in USA, Europe and …, but not in Mongolia for example. If you use Android mobile device you find Google Wifi Application without any problem. But for iphone if your country settings in AppStore is Mongolia – no Google Wifi application 🙁 (Google tech support confirmed it). To change AppStore country without entering bank card details – don’t use USA, but for example Canada – then there
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How to auto renew “Let’s encrypt” free certificate extending 90 days limit.

In the previous post i recommended for non-critical web services to start using free certificates from “Let’s encrypt”.

Many people refuse to use this kind of certificates thinking that it’s not good enough and moreover it’s only for 3 months and that it would be annoying to prolong it manually each 3 months and not forget about it. As for “not good enough” – even if you don’t trust free SSL certificates for web server authentication it’s always better to have enabled SSL than to go without SSL – at least channel will be encrypted (unlike free self-signed certs which … Read the rest