Munkhtuvshin Baatar

CEO, founder at ITFORCE LLC

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 skype: monbaatar

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Large commercial experience with Microsoft technologies: Microsoft clustering solutions, SQL databases, Sharepoint 2003/2010/2013, Exchange, Lync,Terminal service/Citrix, Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP, very good skills in planning, designing, migrating and using AD, Group Policy/scripting, Microsoft PKI and networking. Strong knowledge of QNX(RIM), MCBC(military OS), UNIX/FREEBSD, Linux, Novell. Troubleshooting of Lotus Notes. Highly skilled in virtualization from VMWARE ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V, cloud computing (Live@edu, Office365, cloud backups), high-end backup solutions and also in handling hardware such as servers/external storage systems/network devices from vendors like IBM, Intel, HP, Dell, QLogic, Cisco and so on. Good and long business contacts with Microsoft, Intel, IBM representatives in Russian HQ of these and other companies.
Management skills are improved in multiple implementation projects. I have some specific expertise in JIRA, project management, task tracking, ITIL and IT governance, studied compliance documents of Sarbanes-Oxley act.


Microsoft Certified Professional/MCP, Microsoft Certified System Administrator/MCSA,
Microsoft Certified System Engineer/MCSE, Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist/MCTS, Microsoft
Certified IT Professional Enterprise Administrator/MCITP EA


native Mongolian, native Russian, excellent English


CEO, founder at ITFORCE LLC
April 2016 – Present (6 months)
IT consultancy, IT training, IT service

IT Manager at Geomon Engineering
June 2013 – September 2015 (2 years 4 months)
Reorganized and established network infrastructure, server room, physical and IT security (access control, videocameras). Implemented VMWARE virtualization with VMs for Lync2013, Exchange2013, SharePoint 2013 with Office WebApps (Sharepoint is mainly used for project workplaces to trace/rollback versions of documentation as a advanced file server, for co-authoring, to create wiki based knowledge bases, workflows, customized lists, tables for collection of information, share and organize company schedules/calendars, forums and discussions, service desk for issue ticket tracking, integration with Exchange and Lync server and so on), Windows 2012 RDP, GeoServer, multi-touch interactive table for 3D mapping demonstrations and so on.
Prepared fully equipped training computer class.
IT trainings for IT engineers of Summit, Nomin, Univision, Ministry of Finance, Mongolian Cyber
Emergency Response Team, Erdenet Mining Corporation and so on.

CIO at BDO Mongolia
February 2013 – April 2013 (3 months)
BDO Mongolia Advisory was established basing on Amar Incon (part of Synergygoal Group). So i became automatically CIO/CTO of it for a such short time:).

IT Manager, CTO/CIO at Synergygoal Group
July 2010 – April 2013 (2 years 10 months)
Responsibilities include the supervision and management of IT team, administration of the IT infrastructure of Synergygoal Group, design and control of the company security policy, IT policy, conducting technical advisory assistance for Group CEO, recommending and implementing technologies to achieve the strategic business objectives of the company. Provided professional courses (Hyper-V failover clustering, VMware High Availability and Fault Tolerance clusters, Active Directory essentials and so on) for IT engineers of Erdenete,National Data Center, Khasbank, TDB, Saving bank, State bank, Golomt bank, Chingiskhan Bank, WorldVision, APU, Incomnet, MongolDaatgal, Summit, MCS Electronics, Nomin holding, Naran Group,OyuTolgoi, Baganuur, Hyundai, GobiExploration, Hunnu Resource, SkyTel, MongolianTaxAgency, Wagner Asia Equipment, Tuushin and so on
Achievements: successfull installation and implementation of new Prometric Test Center; training
center, implementation of new services based on AD, Hyper-V, VMWARE vSphere 5.1, Sharepoint,
windows2008r2,SQL, Navision ERP, ADRMS,Lync,SCDPM2010, Exchange2010, SCVMM,
forefront (about 30 Virtual Machines);fulfilled whole re-design of network (physical and logical
topology),implemented new PBX system with billing; created and implemented new company security
IT policy (detailed and published rules, security videocameras with recording, detailed reports and audit
of every IT activities, hardware and software enforced policies and so on), updated and revived, fixed
the time registration system Synel TimeLog,successfully accomplished the implementation of ERP
MicrosoftDynamicsNav 2009R2 at MSM, Metromotors, ICN, TWB drilling, Asia Pacific Investment
Partners; provided IT consultancy to companies like mining company SGS, Just Group, APU,MIAT/
MongolianAirlines,Camex,Areva,JPCM,AltainKhuder. Promoted/consulted virtualization, cloud computing solutions at conferences, seminars and trainings. IT consultant of Asian Development Bank/ADB.

Senior IT Consultant at RAMEC-VS (www.ramec.ru)
October 2005 – July 2010 (4 years 10 months)

Software and hardware expert of R&D at RAMEC-VS. Provided technical support and troubleshooting for customers and commercial departments of RAMEC-VS. Developed thin client devices based on Linux and VIA EPIA. Participated in the development of handheld rugged device based on the Angstrom, russian military OS MCBC, em-x270, OpenMoko project for Russian DoD with support of satellite GLONASS, army laser rangefinder, military radio transmitter and so on. Cooperated in technical events and activities with Russian branch offices of Microsoft and Intel to promote the Intel Modular Server, Microsoft Hyper-V and other products.

Engineer of R&D at RAMEC-VS (www.ramec.ru)
October 2000 – July 2010 (9 years 10 months)
Developed diagnostic software packages, considerably contributed to the acquirement by RAMEC-VS the status of Microsoft D-OEM.
Conducted Microsoft certification of RAMEC products for “Designed for Windows” logo.
Prepared the technical manuals, instructions and policies for the production conveyor and assembling
manufacture. Passed appropriate training courses for Microsoft D-OEM program (pre-installation, OEMActivation, SLP and so on)
Developed corporate Intranet based on the Sharepoint 2003/2007 and also database applications for it.
Solved compatibility problems of various industrial devices from Moxa, Advantech, Getak, ICP, Kontron and so on under QNX4.5/RedHat/OpenSuse/Ubuntu/MCBC. Designed and verified specifications of the complex industrial IT solutions

Systems Engineer at RAMEC-VS (www.ramec.ru)
November 2003 – March 2007 (3 years 5 months)
Trained, controlled and gave consultation for newly recruited IT department employees. Monitored and audit the work of IT department. Acted as an architect of IT structure of company.
Implemented and integrated into company infrastructure Sharepoint2003/2007, Project2003, ISA2004/2006 Servers, FreeBSD servers, WDS, Microsoft Terminal Server, ESX3.5 server.

Systems/Network Administrator at RAMEC-VS (www.ramec.ru)
October 2000 – August 2004 (3 years 11 months)
Developed and maintained the company web server. Designed, implemented, cultivated and monitored
security policy for company. Implemented new PKI functionality for wireless, file encryption, mail, VPN.
Maintained and evolved company complex IT infrastucture, particularly enterprise Exchange mail systems (since the earliest ones like Exchange 5.5 and later, with deep migration skills from one Microsoft Exchange server edition to next in production environment) and firewalls/proxy/routers.

Head of IT at Titan Systems
January 1999 – September 1999 (9 months)
Responsibilities covered recruitment, training, management of IT team (technical support team, graphical designers), IT consultancy, participation in marketing and sales activities.
IT services included mainly IT support for own IT infrastructure, retail of IT equipment, digital photo and printing studio, software retail.

Research Scientist at Mongolian Academy of Sciences
March 1998 – December 1998 (10 months)
Conducted research work on the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Perkin-Elmer AAS
Carried out analysis of research data and prepared research reports

IT engineer at V-Real
January 1996 – September 1996 (9 months)
Worked as an IT technician repairing computer equipment, network SCS, providing hardware/software
troubleshooting and so on.



MCSA, Microsoft 2006
MCSE, Microsoft 2006
MCITP-EA, Microsoft 2010
MCP, Microsoft 2001
MCTS, Microsoft 2010
IELTS, academic; May 2008 Score:7


Asia Pacific Investment Partners server room, Navision implementation project
February 2013 to March 2013

JPCM server room, Hyper-V, Active Directory implementation project
July 2012 to August 2012

Naran Trade Project, Hyper-V, WSUS, WDS, AD, KMS implementation
September 2012 to November 2012

Metromotors, Microsoft Dynamics Nav implementation project
August 2011 to September 2011

Foundation of Prometric Test Center
April 2012 to June 2012

Asian Development Bank, 7 months SLA for IT consulting and support
November 2012 to April 2013

ICN (Micom, Netcom) project, Implementation of MS Dyn Nav
July 2011 to September 2011

MSM, tech support in migration to new server and new version of ERP, consultancy in server, storage,
database, ERP performance optimization, help in configuration of handheld device ERP application
October 2010 to December 2010

TWB drilling, implementation of MS Dyn Nav
June 2012 to August 2012

Regular Hyper-V failover cluster professional training

Regular Active Directory essentials professional trainings

Regular VMware esx HA and FT cluster professional trainings

Microsoft WDS prof. training
December 2012 to Present

Kempinski Hotel Wi-Fi utilization audit, consultancy project
April 2012 to May 2012

EastAsiaMineral access control project
June 2011 to July 2011

Procurement and implementation of several thousands of HP, IBM servers, HP Eva storage systems,
Microsoft Windows server licenses
July 2006 to August 2007

Russian Federal Tax Agency
Development of handheld rugged device for Russian Department of Defense,
April 2008 to July 2010

Project: development of handheld rugged device based on the Angstrom, russian military OS MCBC, emx270, OpenMoko project for Russian DoD with support of satellite GPS/GLONAS, army laser rangefinder, military radio transmitter

“Special Research and Special Tests” center for counter-intelligence, cyber security.
February 2005 to July 2010
IT security consultant, expert in hardware and software security solutions (Microsoft Windows OSes with certified by state agencies source codes + Dedicated Windows Update Center in Moscow for that Microsoft OSes, Russian military OS MCBC with mandate security system, Informzashita/Sobol, DallasLock, eToken, smartcards, zServer, Dionis/russian router with state certified VPN GOST cryptomodules, Phystechsoft, and so on) Certifications of IT hardware for various checkout certification groups of purpose (navy, transportation, for extreme climatic exploitations and so on) in special laboratory (with vibrostands, heat chamber, narrow-beam antennas, digital oscilloscopes, directional jammer, magnetic destroyers of hard disks and so on), factory improvements of industrial rugged IT equipment to satisfy that standards like replacement of hard disks by disk-on-module, SSD, for navy forces varnish all electronic parts to make water-proof, fixating everything by plastic glue and so on. Hardware and software proactive defense measures against cyber attacks, hardware backdoors.

Consultancy for QNX4.25
November 2002 to June 2010
For naval navigation systems and for military simulators.

Cooperation with Russian Space Agency on the projects for 3D mapping of Mongolia and National
Spatial Data Infrastructure
May 2013 to Present

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Nav at SBF
June 2013 to August 2013

At Asian Development Bank consultancy in project for Social Insurance and Social Welfare General
Offices/IT infrastructure improvements project
May 2013 to July 2013

At AsiaFoundation Office365 implementation and VPN connections with offices in USA.
June 2013 to August 2013
in 2014 managed to restore from failed RAID5 (two disks were damaged from four, due to neglect of
previous IT team) all data with loss of data less then 1%.

IT services SLA for JPCM LLC
May 2013 to Present

Mongolian EagleTires
October 2013 to November 2013

VMware virtualization, Active Directory
Areva, Migration from Native DB to SQL database for Microsoft Navision with Lessor
October 2013 to November 2013

Mongolian Ministry of Finance, IT audit and penetration testing.
December 2013 to Present
Members:Munkhtuvshin Baatar, KPMG Mongolia

Macmahon, re-establishing network infrastructure in new Macmahon office
June 2015 to Present
Members:Munkhtuvshin Baatar

Erdenet Mining Corporation project in cooperation with Beak Consultants GmbH
October 2014 to May 2015

August 2015 to Present
IT policy design, implementation
Implementation full range of Active Directory and ADRMS (both for Windows Desktops and MacOS
workstations), development of IT Policies to comply industry and KPMG IT audit requirements and so on.

TTJV, former Macmahon Mongolia
May 2015 to Present
Migration of all critical business IT infrastructure services from Perth datacenter to UB office (Active
Directory, DNS, DHCP, fileserver, RDP server, Dynamics AX2009, Office365 and so on).

IT training and IT service for Mongolian CERT team
October 2014 to December 2014
Topics: Active Directory essentials, WSUS, WDS, Microsoft PKI, Microsoft and Vmware Virtualization
Dell server management

JurUr LLC; project to implement virtualization, replication, backup of VMs, Active Directory, IT
improvement project
April 2016 to Present

Ayanchin LLC; MS Dynamics NAV 2016 implementation project; Active Directory; Intersite VPN
connectins ….
April 2016 to Present

Honors and Awards:

Honoured IT professional of Mongolia
December 2012


Independent Coursework
Microsoft Official Courses ###-6416, ###-6417
D-OEM pre-installation of Windows XP at
Microsoft HPC (High Performance Computing)


russian (Native or bilingual proficiency)
english (Full professional proficiency)
Mongolian (Native or bilingual proficiency)


Skills & Expertise

Active Directory
Operating Systems
VMware ESX
SQL Server
Data Center
Disaster Recovery
System Administration
Network Security
IT Management
Windows Server
Cloud Computing
Enterprise Architecture
Network Administration
Microsoft SQL Server
Server Administration
Information Technology
Technical Training
IT Service Management
Microsoft Exchange
Cisco Technologies
Microsoft Technologies
Microsoft Certified Professional
Enterprise Software


Mongolian National University
Bachelor of Science, Physics, 1998 – 1999
Saint Petersburg State University
Physics, 1988 – 1993
Russian 9 school in UB 1983 – 1988
Russian School 14 1982 – 1983
Russian School in Dubna 1978-1982



Spanish guitar, chess, books, ping-pong, Salsa and Merengue dances, ball dances

4 people have recommended Munkhtuvshin:

““I found Munkhtuvhin to be a person with a great work ethic. During our work in Synergy Goal Group
he showed himself to be very dedicated and self motivated IT professional Engineer and an achievement
oriented person. he is an ambitious, efficient and a highly organized natural leader with very strong problem solving skills. If you need a professional to do a job, Munkhtuvsin is the right person.”
— Waleed Awny, Operation Manager and Business consultant, NaviWorld Mongolia LLC, worked with
Munkhtuvshin at Synergygoal Group

“Munkhtuvshin is a knowledgeable, experienced and reliable IT professional with excellent technical and
communication skills. The Mongolia Resident Mission (MNRM) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB)
contracted Munkhuvshin as an IT specialist to carry out wide range of tasks for the MNRM staff. The
quality and level of provided IT services and consultancy do comply with international standards. In case of inquiries or a need for additional information, please, contact me via email: rmamatkulov@adb.org Raushan Mamatkulov Senior Transport Specialist Mongolia Resident Mission Asian Development Bank”
— Raushan Mamatkulov, was Munkhtuvshin’s client

“During our joint participation in different projects, Munkhtuvshin demonstrated deep knowledge in modern server technologies, both in hardware and software. He is always ready to learn new technologies and use new products, such as VMMs from Vmware and Microsoft; management systems from SyAM Software, Microsoft and Symantec; Intel’s Modular Server, different Xeon-based systems. It was very comfortable to work with him, because he is result-oriented man.”
— Petr Scheglov, was with another company when working with Munkhtuvshin at RAMEC-VS

“He is a hard working self-starter, resourceful, creative and solution-oriented highly skilled person. Moreover he never missed a dead-line and often completed his tasks ahead of schedule. He’s a quick thinker and great problem solver. His theoretical and practical background enabled him to perform very well. He deserved a good reputation among colleagues, partners and clients as a result of both his high professionalism and multiple personality. I have no hesitations in recommending Mr.Baatar for any position within his skills and capabilities and would gladly re-hire Baatar Munkhtuvshin should he ever return to this area. If you have any further questions with regard to his background or qualifications, please feel free to contact me”
— Alexey Kostrov, managed Munkhtuvshin at RAMEC-VS (www.ramec.ru)