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Download tool from:

Example of usage:

c:\temp\tcpdumptcpdump.exe -D

**                                                                **
**              Tcpdump v4.9.2 (September 03, 2017)               **
**                                **
**                                                                **
** Tcpdump for Windows is built with Microolap Packet Sniffer SDK **
**              Microolap EtherSensor product family              **
**               build 5072.01 June 10, 2019 <<<              **
**                                                                **
**        Copyright(c) 1997 - 2019 Microolap Technologies         **
**        **
**          **
**                                                                **
**                  XP/2003/Vista/2008/Win7/Win8                  **
**                 Win2012/Win10/Win2016/Win2019                  **
**               (UEFI and Secure Boot compatible)                **
**                                                                **
**                       Trial license.                           **
**                                                                **

1.\Device\{F4F682D0-3FEA-4DF1-9385-878235FC4177} (Intel(R) I350 Gigabit Network Connection)
2.\Device\{FF4C946F-ADB3-4DC9-A61A-A91973AFD7E8} (Intel(R) I350 Gigabit Network Connection)
3.\Device\{6C48897F-B39D-4298-B3D3-19402E588D0E} (Intel(R) I350 Gigabit Network Connection)
4.\Device\{D6A49332-2416-4227-89F5-55A5AA19578F} (Intel(R) Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710)
5.\Device\{7C3220F8-224E-4867-B050-E252D849E404} (Intel(R) Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710-2)
6.\Device\{9A86189E-CD60-4FD6-93C5-64E8DF14337D} (Intel(R) Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710-2)
7.\Device\{32BBADAE-BA53-433C-B796-C51CC9526F23} (Intel(R) I350 Gigabit Network Connection)
8.\Device\{B87C05E6-1BF1-4126-AF7C-E01BC0D507DD} (Intel(R) Ethernet Controller X540-AT2)
9.\Device\{543DFBD5-610B-4165-B9B2-B1C6447272C7} (Intel(R) Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710)
10.\Device\{CB9851A4-A64A-4F31-8AF8-97A812217C44} (Intel(R) Ethernet Controller X540-AT2)

which of interfaces is our?

Now we know value for parameter -i

c:\temp\tcpdumptcpdump -i 1 -nn -v -s 1500 -c 1 ether[20:2] == 0x2000

**                                                                **
**              Tcpdump v4.9.2 (September 03, 2017)               **
**                                **
**                                                                **
** Tcpdump for Windows is built with Microolap 
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How to get list of all AD users in AD group

To list all members of one AD security group:

Get-AdGroupMember -identity "Domain Admins" | get-aduser -Properties * | ft name, samaccountname, whencreated

To list all sec. groups of one AD user (member of what groups):

Get-ADUser -Identity [someone'-samaccountname] -Properties memberof|Select-Object -ExpandProperty memberof

To copy all groups from one AD user to other:

Get-ADUser -Identity [source-user-samaccountname] -Properties memberof|Select-Object -ExpandProperty memberof|Add-ADGroupMember -Members [target-user-samaccountname]

# all groups of [source-user-samaccountname] will be copied to [target-user-samaccountname]… Read the rest

Recommendations for powershell profile

As i showed in my post about creation of powershell profile you can add into profile your own frequently used functions.

I recommend to name them with permanent prefix. For example i create all my functions as moguy-cdp, moguy-esxi and so on.

In this case you don’t need to remember the name of your function to run, just start typing as moguy… and autocompletion will show you all your functions.

for example:

function moguy-vms


Get-VMHost | Get-VM | Select-Object Name, PowerState, NumCpu, MemoryMB, VMhost, @{N="Datastore";E={Get-Datastore -vm $_}}, UsedSpaceGB, ProvisionedSpaceGB, @{Name='ToolsVersion';Expression={$_.Guest.ToolsVersion}}, @{Name=’VMHostVersion’;Expression={$_.VMHost.Version}},Version, @{N="IP Address";E={@($_.guest.IPAddress[0])}},@{Name=’Cluster’;Expression={$_.VMHost.Parent}}, @{N="PortGroup";E={Get-VirtualPortGroup -VM $_}}, @{N="owner1";E={$_.customfields.item("owner1")}} | Export-Csv 
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powershell script notification about expiration of password for AD user

#Import AD Module
Import-Module ActiveDirectory

#Create warning dates for future password expiration
$SevenDayWarnDate = (get-date).adddays(7).ToLongDateString()
$ThreeDayWarnDate = (get-date).adddays(3).ToLongDateString()
$OneDayWarnDate = (get-date).adddays(1).ToLongDateString()

#Email Variables
$MailSender = " Password AutoBot <>"
$Subject = 'FYI - Your account password will expire soon'
$EmailStub1 = 'I am a bot and performed this action automatically. I am here to inform you that the password for'
$EmailStub2 = 'will expire in'
$EmailStub3 = 'days on'
$EmailStub4 = '. Please contact the helpdesk if you need assistance changing your password. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL.'
$SMTPServer = 'smtp.itforce.local'

#Find accounts that are enabled and 
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