Our IT services

  1. Managed IT services with monthly paid SLA agreements (3 plans for choice with different response time, price, onsite and offsite time and so on)
  2. Comprehensive IT training courses with lab works/simulations for IT pros.
  3. Koolspan solution for mobile phones. KoolSpan provides secure communications solutions enabling businesses and consumers to make phone calls and send text messages securely.
  4. Assistance with migration or deployment of web, mail and other services at AWS, Google Cloud Platform and so on.
  5. Free express IT audit at the customer site (not more than 2 days):
    • both hardware and software IT inventory
    • network audit
    • security evaluation
    • IT governance documentation
    • evaluation of IT personnel
    • IT infrastructure configuration management policies
    • employees’ Desktop Workstation’s compliance with company and industrial standards
    • server room state (rack, cabling, power, ups, air conditioner …)
  6. IT consultancy and help in :
    • pre-sale, post-sale support and consultancy for purchase/rent/leasing of  Microsoft licenses (when and how to save on licenses depending on business needs)
    • choice, review, diagnostics, procurement of proper hardware for your business tasks; recommendations how to diagnose or conduct input control for newly bought or planned to buy hardware
    • interview of new IT employee candidates
    • Automation of Windows/Office license activation process thru KMS server, VAMT, answer files
    • Building affordable server room with HVAC, UPS, RACK, SCS, network equipment, servers
    • Purchase and initial setup of server/network hardware  including Intel Modular server, blade servers, DAS(RAID)/NAS/SAN storages and so on
    • Restoration of deleted (corrupted/EFS encrypted/ransomware) data from damaged RAID, HDD disks (when it’s theoretically possible)
    • Troubleshooting issues with storage, AD damage/replication/Group Policy, windows server booting/damage and so on
    • Configuration of secure remote access between branches for RDP, VPN; publishing VMS/video management systems starting from free solutions as pfsense, windows RRAS and PPTP with source and destination ip filters and so on
    • Security Lockdown of RDP server/Terminal servers/Multipoint Servers. Thin/zero client configurations.
    • VDI solutions
    • Virtualization (Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX), consolidation of aged physical servers, conversion from physical to virtual machines, creation clustered FT/fault-tolerance and HA/High-Availability systems using LiveMigration/VMotion.
    • Active Directory. Implementation of IT policies and industrial best practices recommendations for solving security issues including all aspects of enforcement, automation of the password policies, enforcing thru Active Directory Group Policy security restrictions and so on
    • proper implementation of Windows System Update Service/WSUS for  Windows OSes, Office suites and other Microsoft products (the majority of IT audit security vulnerability findings are faults with hotfixing, patching)
    • Windows Deployment system/WDS (quick network deployment of user workstation/server images exactly according to company standards, netbooting or network installation of ESXi, Live Windows, ERD, memtest and so on). Co-installation with pxelinux.
    • Corporative intranet/collaboration server Sharepoint
    • Integration of MAC computers into company Active Directory
    • High-end Backup solutions and enterprise backup policies, Disaster Recovery
    • infrastructure for Navision ERP system in cooperation with ISM LLC partner
    • Microsoft System Center products
    • ISA/forefront TMG VM; pfsense VM as a free or available/affordable UTM solutions (easy to deploy, easy to backup/restore, easy to configure) Good enough as temporay, cheap/free VPN, proxy and Internet Access Control device.
    • Exchange mail server with multiple CAS, mailbox roles, with SMIME and so on
    • MS Lync
    • Microsoft cluster solutions (for SQL, Exchange, terminal farms, ISA NLB farms)
    • Remote troubleshooting of incidents (thru phone, e-mail, chat system, Remote Desktop  solutions, knowledge base, faq, forum)
    • creation and modification of IT governance documentation, IT policies and procedures