Monthly Archives: November 2016

Specifics of IT security in Mongolia

I want to address this post to my IT collegues. Last years in all my IT trainings i try to attract attention to lopsided approach to IT security in our country. In my opinion the most of us try to embrace as much as possible new IT technologies without at least understanding of basic classic conceptions. Almost all new solutions ignore and sacrifice security aspects for functionality. For example i don’t know any homebred business solution which supports Microsoft Active Directory integration, each solution uses own database user list, no windows logins (at least as an option if requested). Without … Read the rest

Compromise – decisions for SMB. Value for money of such decisions.

It’s common that many innovative IT technologies are not affordable for majority of Mongolian SMB companies or small branches due to the fact of high price for IT equipment (even in case of almost zero price for illegally used software). Companies who provide VMS/video management solutions (video servers), companies like Interactive, Navision and other vendors are forced to use Desktop computers as a server for implementations of own products at customer site of small companies who cannot afford to invest too much into hardware immediately. How justified such decisions? Surely all of service providers try at first to suggest professional … Read the rest