How to configure safe vpn for free and easy

Coronavirus forced many people, companies to move to teleworking. The banks and large corporations surely have enough budget to buy enterprise vpn boxes and solutions. My post is only for small companies which need free/cheap solution to access own small office infrastructure during coronavirus pandemia from home, remote offices and at the same time to avoid directly openning RDP access from the internet (which is not safe at all even with DUO 2fa and so on)

It’s assumed that the small company has at least

  1. router which can port forward (even tplink and dlink can do it;  if you have
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Optimize and save on provisioned storage space in virtualized environment

Before i often over-provisioned the needed storage for VM.

For example for AWS and other cloud services it’s common place to be charged per gigabytes of used EBS and similar storages (for Mongolian iTools, Mobicom and others usually you are charged by subscription plans so it’s unavoidable to pay for not used disk space). Generally it’s not recommended to provision storage space more than necessary. Surely it’s OK to have a reasonable free space for your VMs, but not too much (for example it’s still very common to see created VM which utilize only 3-5% of huge vmdk/AWS EBS and … Read the rest

Unbelievable hacking.

Try to google :

  • immortal regiment
  • immortal regiment
  • immortal regiment

or just immortal regiment – almost nothing for 2017 year.

Looks like famous Russian hacker group “Mortal Combat” hacked all mainstream mass media sites to screen, remove any mentioning of massive actions of “opposition” (Ban Ki-moon) which took place in May 9 2017  in Moscow (850 000 participants), St.Petersburg (700000 participants), and even in Israel, 18 cities of USA including New York and Washington, Great Britain London, Ukrain Kiev and other 50 countries – about 10 million participants around the world. Seems attack to Central Management Console … Read the rest