Topics of our IT training

We provide courses for specialists, professionals, in other words our target audience :

  • IT engineers,
  • IT admins,
  • IT managers.

The available topics of our trainings which we regularly provide :

  1. BASE-01 – Building from scratch IT infrastructure for SMB.
  2. AD-01 – Active Directory basics, essentials
  3. AD-02 – Mastering Active Directory
  4. VT-01 – Virtualization essentials, Hyper-V. Rather advanced approach.
  5. VT-02 – Virtualization essentials , VMware. Rather advanced approach.
  6. PKI-01 – Microsoft PKI, CA; Multifactor Authentication (implementation, Key Recovery Agent/key archival for emergency recover, SmartCard 2fa for Windows Login, SMIME, EFS, SSL certificates and so on). MS RMS, Right Management Server and DLP/Data Loss Protection
  7. WDS-01 – WDS/Windows Deployment Server, remote re-imaging/”format”;  +Windows 7,8, 10 , win2008r2, win2012r2, win2016 server installation from USB or thru idrac/vpro mapped virt disk, netboot/wds, to vhd installation, repair multiboot and so on; restore from network backup, install to iSCSI disk
  8. EXCH-01 – Exchange server implementation, initial setup. Exchange and SMIME. Backup/Restore recommendations.
  9. LYNC-01 – Lync server implementation
  10. SHP-01 – Sharepoint server implementation essentials
  11. DP-01 –  Data Protection (builtin solutions, Veeam BR, VEB, MSSCDPM, HA and FT clusters) (Backups to disk, tape, USB mobile disk in rotation, NAS, iSCSI target, cloud, Increamental/differential; retention policy) Compare Hyper-V/vmware/Veeam/SQL/Exchange DAG Replications, Backups. DR plans, environment for testing backups, IT policies, technical solutions to ease the DR tests, backup solutions in deep