Add passwordless ssh access for brocade san switch

  1. on administrator workstation generate pub and private ssh keys
  2. on brocade san switch create new user
  3. on brocade san switch allow for above new user to use passwordless access and import into brocade switch previouosly generated pub key for ssh access (the brocade user name should be the same as in public key, as initial linux system user name)


now you can script multiple san brocade san switches , for example to get WWN of each switch from both fabrics, from bash of linux/WSL:

inputline="san_switch_12.itforce.local san_switch_13.itforce.local san_switch_14.itforce.local san_switch_15.itforce.local san_switch_16.itforce.local san_switch_17.itforce.local san_switch_18.itforce.local san_switch_19.itforce.local san_switch_22.itforce.local san_switch_23.itforce.local san_switch_24.itforce.local san_switch_25.itforce.local san_switch_26.itforce.local san_switch_27.itforce.local san_switch_28.itforce.local san_switch_29.itforce.local"

for item in $inputline
     echo $item
     ssh moguy@$item 'switchshow| grep switchWwn'