Free ComodoSSL, free “Let’s encrypt” certificates

Strange that the main national domain registrar ( yet don’t use SSL for own management console. Mobinet, national cloud provider even don’t have DNS registration for own services asking to create hosts file records for Mobinet who resells Comodo SSL doesn’t have valid SSL for (and looks like self-signed SSL is created to conflict with vmware cert namespace).

SSL providers suggest DNS (email) validation for certificate CSR, so vulnerable web DNS manager (not protected by SSL) can compromise issued SSL certs and finally web sites with online banking, payment systems and so on. I suggest for low-budget , non-critical or experimental sites to use at least free SSL certs from – better than absence or wrong SSL certs.

If main key security players are neglect in own responsibilities, what to say about others.

Price from Mobinet  for Comodo instantSSL is 360 000 mnt + 50 000 mnt (for installation) = 410 000 mnt (about 150-170 usd per year) :

If you buy directly from Comodo 77 usd per year:

If you have any questions how to install  free “Let’s encrypt” SSL, free Comodo SSL for 90 days, or how to buy, install, configure long-term SSL for your web site feel free to contact with me.

To auto renew “Let’s encrypt” free SSL read my next post


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