Free VEB/Veeam Endpoint Backup solution to backup physical servers

Not everybody knows that recently Veeam starts to support backup of physical servers, workstations directly to the same Veeam Repository in already existing VBR/Veeam Backup and Replication  infrastructure.

If you already have ready VBR than it’s logical to backup not to mobile USB hard drive (default target of VEB) and so on, but to VBR repo. To restore i recommend to use WDS – because boot.wim in generated recovery disk easily can be imported into WDS (and all necessary NIC and storage drivers added in std way thru WDS). WDS can be on other server – just during restore process enter proper repository settings (before don’t forget to enable this repo for VEB backups).

Especially this configuration is very helpful for remote sites with idrac (for servers) or vpro (for workstations) – for example i like to use it for remote pos computers with vpro kvm – reboot remotely workstation/pos and boot from WDS VEB emergency disk and restore computer.