My top of sysadmin tools

  1. free Putty
  2. free Winscp
  3. Webresearch (personal knowledge base)
  4. Microsoft DaRT from MDOP, former ERD disk (very easy to add to WDS, or replacing boot.wim on USB with Win7 or win8) For repair, locksmith to reset built-in administrators password, to backup files from not booting disk and so on. To prevent non-authorized access by ordinary users during booting, place pxelinux with password before WDS network bootloader.
  5. Acronis tools (usually on USB, or as WDS image) mainly for cloning, partitioning, backups
  6. Hiren tools (mhdd, victoria, memtest to diag freshly purchased HDDs, RAM)
  7. Separate tiny Memtest (i prefer as a pxelinux option in WDS)
  8. R-studio (to restore data even from damaged RAID disks)
  9. free “Windows 7 usb tool”; unetbootin; yumi. Instead of having pile of installation DVD disks or USB disks, just iso files and 3-4 usb dongles for all Windows versions, esxi, acronis, hiren tools, memtest, diagnostics tools and so on.
  10. free Notepad Pro to compare for example cisco config changes.
  11. free Faststone viewer
  12. faststone capture (much better than Snipping Tool)
  13. Camtasia Studio
  14. or maybe at least just Windows 2012r2 Step Recorder.
  15. free Nirsoft Mail PassView – to see forgotten Outlook passwords (
  16. free Nirsoft CSVFileView (to analyse for example RDP access files )
  17. free PsTools
  18. free Bulk Rename Utility (
  19. aida64/everest; free hwinfo, Speccy
  20. free hdtune for surface scans, hdd SMART, sometimes for average hdd benchmarks.
  21. free DaemonTools (since win8 not so useful)
  22. free Bullzip pdf printer
  23. free RealVNC viewer, free tightVNC
  24. free Intel® AMT Configuration Utility
  25. free gawk, grep for Windows
  26. TMAC
  27. Elcomsoft tools
  28. free sysinternals tools
  29. Netwrix free tools, mainly Netwrix Disk Space Monitor and Netwrix Bulk Password Reset (for larger companies with AD, better thru GroupPolicy, and SCOM)
  30. free AD info (free AD reports)
  31. free AD Photo Edit (add photo of end-users for Lync, Sharepoint, Exchange and so on)
  32. free DBF Viewer
  33. Log Parser Studio
  34. free Malwarebyte, free Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
  35. 5nine Hyper-V Manager (useful for sporadical access to Hyper-V host from not domain computers)
  36. Excel, Inquire, Compare files. To compare excel files.
  37. Dameware mini remote control
  38. free calibre reader (to read ebooks and convert them for my iphone – almost all mobile formats – very useful for manuals and tech. books)
  39. Lastpass password manager. Must have sort of program for any system administrator.
  40. Google authenticator on my iphone for 2fa of lastpass, google apps, microsoft, facebook, linkedin and others.

to be continued and re-designed. Pls send me your own list of